VoiceDirect via phone, Skype or via Remote Recording:

VoiceDirect via telephone:
 I am at the microphone recording, while you listen in and give directions via phone. You can listen to the recording played back into your phone directly afterwards, make comments and changes, just as if we were in the same studio. Easy, fast, convenient! Call for demonstration:
+46 90 77 25 05

VoiceDirect via Skype:

We connect via Skype and you can monitor and direct the recording in real time, just as if we were in the same studio. And by creating a Skype group call, you can also include others in the session, for instance your colleagues located elsewhere. Easy, convenient and highly cost efficient!  Call for demonstration: +46 90 77 25 05
Download SKYPE here: Windows PC   Apple Mac

Remote Recording:

Or make a remote recording using any Chrome-based system, such as ipDTL, Session Link Pro, or Source Connect. Your studio acts as host, to which I connect from my studio. This method has many advantages, however the audio quality depends on bitrate and internet connectivity. With the other methods, I record at my studio for best HD quality and send the files via We Transfer (or similar) directly after the session.