Royal Greenland

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Playmobil: enthusiastic 'adventure voice' (Peeters Productions, Holland)

Industrial; Swedish overdub on German original (Biallas Fotostudio, Köln)

High Voltage Walk: information video in storytelling style (Ludvika Electrical, Sweden)

SECO Tools: a classic industrial narration (Sprachlabor, Germany)

ELON kitchen-ware: honest, positive, 'the ordinary person' type of voice (Svensson KMN, Sthlm)

Johnson Mathey: straightforward, clear 'no nonsense' style (Adelphi Studios, UK)

Ingelsta Shopping Mall: deep, emotional, tender voice (Yellon Advertising, Sweden)

GORE-TEX: a male determined voice (Scenario Studios, München)

Beijer building materials: dominant, decisive (HONESTY Advertising, Sthlm)

SUBARU: uptempo, driving, positive (Way Creative Film, Malmoe)

Local school promotion video: storytelling, informative (Byssa Productions)

Nokian Tyres: storytelling, calm, narrative (Media Beat, Finland)

BINGOLOTTO: deep male voice, 'the movie trailer guy' (Ljudbyrån Gothenburg)

Google Tutorial: friendly, informative, clear (Voiceovers UK, England)

Ben's Bingo: A 'happy storytelling uncle' type of voice

Cykelkraft: soft, close, vulnerable voice (Tekno Media, Sweden)

WEB CRM: friendly, informative (Web CRM, Denmark)

EU:s worst crisis: informative, urgent (Krane & Rabe, Berlin)

Viking War of Clans: dark dangerous menace (PACE Media, London)

Arex Finans: positive, urgent, informative

TV4 weather promo mix : straight, clear, 'no nonsense' type of voice (Colibri TV, Sweden)